NABL Accredited Laboratory
Helpline : 9167223837
NABL Accredited Laboratory
Helpline : 9167223837

Our Team

Spearheaded by Dr. Vinay Goel the Medical Director, we have a team of full time Pathologists, Microbiologists, Histopathologists, Opthalmologists, Dentists, Nutritionists, Radiologists, Cardiologists & Physicians backed by a large team of medical & paramedical staff.

Dr Tanveer Ghansar - Pathologist
Dr Manish Doshi - Pathologist
Dr Vijaylakshmi Shinde - Microbiologist
Dr Mariella Misquitta - Dentist
Dr Neha Bali - Medical Officer
Dr Jamil Akhtar - Medical Officer
Dr Dilip Tapase - Opthalmologist
Dr Panakj Jaitley - Cardiologist
Dr Aamir Usmani - Radiologist
Dr Saee Shetye - Radiologist
Dr Richa Patel - Pathologist
Dr Siddharth Yadav - Pathologist
Dr Damania - Consulting ENT
Dr Rajiv Anand - Consulting Phychiatrist
Dr M S Menon MD - Cardiologist
Dr Kiran Motwani - Consulting Homeopath
Dr Kalpna Rao Life - Style Management
Dr Veena Shinde - Consulting Gynaecologist
Dr Saili Bendre - Consulting Chest Physician
Dr Rajiv Anand - Marriage Counseller & Sex Consultant


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