NABL Accredited Laboratory
Helpline : 9167223837
NABL Accredited Laboratory
Helpline : 9167223837

Care For Bones

Osteoporosis is the slow deterioration of bone mineral tissues, which ultimately leads to fractures and severe breakage of bones. Osteoporosis is often called the ‘silent disease’ as bone loss occurs without any symptoms. People may not come to know that they have osteoporosis till their bones become so weak that a sudden strain, bump, fall or simple actions like coughing could lead to fractures.

In India, 1 in 6 women over 50 years old will break their femur (hip), while 1 in 4 will suffer severe fractures in one or more bones. The death rate from osteoporosis related fractures is greater than deaths caused by breast and ovarian cancer combined.


Some authorities believe you may be at risk for osteoporosis if you have one or more of the following:

1. Family history of osteoporosis
2. Early menopause either natural or surgical
3. Amenorrhea (lack of periods) particularly in young woman
4. Medications that lead to bone loss like corticosteroids, anti-seizure medicine or high dose thyroid replacement drugs.
5. Thyroid conditions such as hyperthyroidism
6. Cushing’s syndrome
7. Kidney failure colitis
8. Stomach or intestinal surgery
9. High intake of alcohol, coffee, tea or soft drinks
10. Heavy smoking
11. Low dietary intake of calcium
12. European or Asian ancestry

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