NABL Accredited Laboratory
Helpline : 9167223837
NABL Accredited Laboratory
Helpline : 9167223837

Senior Citizen Checkup

Senior Citizen Package Silver Gold Platinum
 Basic - Complete Blood Count, ESR, Urine routine,
 Diabetes Profile - Glucose Fasting, Glucose PP, HbA1C
 Heart - Lipid Profile
 Renal Profile — Creatinine, Uric Acid, BUN
 Liver Profile — SGOT, SGPT, Total Protein, ✔ ;
 Sr. Calcium
 Vitamins - Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12
 Thyroid Function Test — T3, T4, TSH
 Cancer Markers - PSA (men) / PAP Smear (females)  
 Bones - Bone Mineral Densitometry (DEXA)  
 Sonography — whole abdomen & pelvis  
 Uterus and Ovaries Scan (for women), Prostate Scan (for men)  
 Blood Pressure Check, ECG,    
 2-D Echo or TMT    
 Chest X-ray (Digital)    
 Coronary Risk Marker - Apo Lipoprotein (A/B), CRP    
 Dental Care - Dental Examination & Consultation  
 Eye Check Up  
 Physical Examination & Checkup by Physician    
  Diet Consultation    
Actual MRP Rs.5320 Rs.13420 Rs.17270
Special Price Rs.3700 Rs.9000 Rs.11500
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