NABL Accredited Laboratory
Helpline : 9167223837
NABL Accredited Laboratory
Helpline : 9167223837


Microbiology processing is done on fully automated equipments like Bact/ALERT 3D & VITEK 2 Compact 60 with a much faster turn around time. It includes:

1) Bacteriology : VITEK 2 compact 60 BacT/ALERT 3D for identifiaction and MIC of around >2000 organisms and conventional microbiology diagnostic tools Gram stain, capsular stain, special stains.
Samples : blood,urine,stool,sputum,pus,CSF,other body fluids,tissue, and miscelleneous Aerobic cultures Anaerobic cultures Blood cultures Anti-microbial susceptibility testing by MIC method Anti-microbial testing by kirbey-beur disk diffusion method Latest CLSI,EUCAST,BSAC standards followed

2) Mycobacteriology : Technology used MGIT Genotype MTBDR plus GeneXpert Conventional LJ cultures TB PCR TB gold LED microscopy ZN staining
Samples: skin scrappings,nail clippings,hair, blood,urine,stool,pus,CSF,other body fluids,tissue, and miscelleneous Yeast Dermatophytes Dematitious fungi Systemic fungal infections MIC values for Antifungal susceptibility testing of yeast. Latest CLSI standards followed

3) Mycology : BacT/ALERT 3D ,VITEK 2 compact 60 for identification and MIC of yeasts and conventional microbiology diagnostic tools KOH mount INDIA INK for capsulated organism Slide cultures Special fungal stain
Samples: Sputum,BAL,tracheal aspirate,Pus,FNAC lymphnode,tissue,body fluids,miscellenous.
Mycobacterial cultures Drug sensitivity for primary line and secondary line of ATT. WHO,RNTCP references used for Microscopy reporting.

4) Parasitology : Microscopy, rapid immunochromatographic assays & immunoassays on blood, urine, stool & miscellaneous samples.

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